Star Lyght Desygn Sites

Designed and Developed Client Sites

Site for The Yoga Solution
- Designed top to bottom and maintained for five years.
Archived site - Not Current
(Login: yoga Password: site)

The Original
- Designed top to bottom. Maintained thru 6/06.
Site now maintained by client's new publisher.
(Login: mag Password: pie)

- Designed top to bottom and still maintain it as well.


Site for MidniteBee
- Redesigned and restructured. Created graphics, roll-overs & animation.

Site for International Business Forum
- Created graphics, roll-overs & UI for this site.
- Designed site graphics, original structure. Currently maintained by FIU.

San Francisco Scully Marathon Charity Event
- Charity work. In frames, uses CSS and javascript. The graphics are not mine.


Other Designed and Developed Sites


My Personal Sites

This is Darshann... (my personal site)
- Javascript, roll-overs, layers, frames, personal essays & poetry.

All Things Darshann (just for fun)
- original scripts, "fanfic", poetry, & "fan art" for various TV series:
X-Files, Xena, ER, and others. Smut warning!! PG-13/TV-MA

all television characters and series property of their respective copyright owners.
original stories, scripts, poems and graphics property of Star Lyght Desygn.