Do you know what you give to the world? Your beauty, your strength, your laughter and smile. The simple wisdom you bring to others through the example of your life. You are an inspiration to me. Much more than just an exceptional actress, you are an exceptional woman.



The simple curve of your face, the sound of your laugh, the spark in your eye. So familiar, and yet a beautiful mystery to me. I do not know you and yet I feel I do, deep down. This incredible person who has brought me so much. I await the unfolding of this mystery as your life takes flight.



As Scully, you have brought us the true embodiment of a female hero. Beautiful, smart, strong...honest. You have made her someone we love, someone we cheer for, someone we trust. Without words, you brought this female hero to life as no other.


These Illuminated Letters (just the images), have also been submitted to OBSSE's Book of Saint Scully as were the Dedication and the Sidebar Illustration.


aka: Sister Kiss
Member of OBSSE