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Traces of Warmth
Soul's Forgiveness
Finale fix-it
Blessing in Disguise

ER Kim/Kerry
Silver Lining
Holding Back the Storm
part 1, part 2
Whispers in the Dark
part 1, part 2,
part 3, part 4,
part 5, part 6,
part 7

all things X

XF Humor
Help! (Beatles filk)

XF Mulder/Scully
The Noble Truth (35K)
Reasons (25K)
Three (6K)

*Stranger in a
Strange World

TV Script  (283KB)

(Original unfinished prose story below )

Butterfly Dreams

Prologue (WIP)
Ch. 1, Ch. 2,
Ch. 3, Ch. 4 ...

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Gillian Dedication
Gillian Letters
Brave and Strong
A Kiss from Gillian



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